Postpartum Rehab at your Home

In-Home Postpartum Therapy

Your Postpartum friend! First visit. I am thrilled to offer IN HOME physical therapy where I come to YOU! Getting out with a newborn can feel overwhelming. Often, moms are trying to juggle breastfeeding, caring for a new baby, and navigating their own recovery while also caring for older children at home. IN HOME postpartum rehab puts the recovery of the mom back in focus. My goal is to see that every mom has immediate access to a Women’s Health PT so she can safely rebuild her pelvic floor and core muscles. If you have never had a consultation with a PT or you are months/years postpartum, this is still an excellent option for you. You may have developed substitution patterns that prevent the correct core engagement you need.  If you have a diastasis or pelvic organ prolapse, considerations for a specific strategy with exercise is important.  Sometimes that's easier to teach in person.  This consultation gives me a little more one on one time to look at your overall mobility and watch you do things closely so I can give you an individualized treatment plan for where you are in your stage of recovery.


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