Your Postpartum Friend

Pregnant and postpartum women are my people!

I became interested and passionate in Perinatal health when I experienced my first pregnancy and child birth during the pandemic.

I quickly realized the level of care received by pregnant and postpartum women is extremely sub par.
It made me deep dive into the postpartum rehabilitation from a physical therapy perspective and I was able to help myself and a handful of other pandemic mommas get the postpartum rehab we needed! Postpartum Rehabilitation has become my passion and often you’ll find me advocating for mother’s rights. I will be rooting for you to become the best versions of yourselves by getting your miraculous postpartum body to be pain free, in your control and slowly start getting back to exercises.

You deserve perinatal support.

Are you ready to

do all the things you love without pain?
confidently exercise through every stage?
move into parenthood feeling ready for anything(most things)?

Quit being a victim of negligent care and take matters of your health in your own hands?

YouTube workouts and google have their place, but all the information can be overwhelming!

With Patel PT and wellness, you’re in the right place.

Let’s start with a free call to talk about your questions or concerns and get you started on the path that’s right for you.

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